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Every week, DK STORM MODE receives new products for sale in our webshop, and since we want unique product images of the products, we are always looking for skilled models to photograph in different fashion clothes or different model types to present them.

If this is something for you, then become part of our Photo Model Page. We are looking for all types of models, but we place high demands on your modelattitude and product understanding. It is free to become part of our Photo Model Page, however, you must be qualified before we will present you on our Photo Model Page.

We are looking for models who can familiarize themselves with a performance role in relation to the photography of the specific fashion clothing.

To become part of the mentioned Photo Model Page, you must:

1) Submit a minimum of 3 photos of you (avoid direct selfies - use a photographer or self-timer from the camera if necessary). Remember to write the photographer's name next to each image, even if it's yourself. Image quality requirements: minimum 5mega pixels camera / mobile camera the higher the better

2) Submit information about you: your height, weight, age, waist size, hip size, clothing size, eye color, hair color (original + current), model experience, scene experience / acting experience, photography experience (not a requirement), relevant photography projects ( not a requirement), previous job other job.

3) You must be approved

A model must be able to do many things, both perform and be able to present a product in a presentable way so that it helps to generate sales of the product for the company, therefore we are only looking for types who in addition to being photogenic can play certain character type roles and much more. One who has a situational awareness in relation to a specific photography scene, which the photographer sets up etc.

At each model project / model job, you will be assessed for assessment (recommendation) in relation to the next model project / model job, which will also be good on your model CV.

We reserve the right to respond to your application if we can use you, therefore you will only hear from us if we can use you.





Apply here:
Model search - contact us by clicking here 


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